Reinventing Agile for the "Remote-First Enterprise" | Straight Talk
In this month’s edition of CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat, we bring together a global panel of technology leaders to discuss the evolution of the enterprise in an era dominated by remote operations. We are fortunate to be joined by a group of leading thought leaders. We kick things off with a discussion on the challenges being faced by organizations that have been compelled to adopt remote-work during these trying times. Enabling collaborating and engaging in an Agile teams approach has become a critical necessity to ensuring trust and transparency. Next, our experts discuss the role of a virtual agile approach in empowering organizations. Enabling flexibility is key to helping organizations adapt as they shift to a distributed operating model. Next, the panel investigate the factors necessary to ensure a successful agile distributed workforce model. Providing remote-access IT infrastructure and offering flexibility in schedules can help create a more seamless workflow. But of course, with many approaches to choose from, knowing which one is right for you can be a challenge in itself. Each organizations needs to closely assess it's requirements and adopt a tailor-made solution right for them. And finally, we once again ponder on what the future may hold. The only thing that’s constant is change. And our ability to adapt in time will make all the difference. And with that we close another fascinating session! Our sincere thanks to the panel!