Re-thinking cloud to accelerate business outcomes | Straight Talk
In this month’s CIO Straight Talk Tweet chat, we assemble a global panel of leaders who discuss shaking up the status quo of cloud strategy to enable business outcomes. Our Power Panel of experts is raring to get started. Given the current circumstances, it isn’t surprising that the impact of COVID-19 is bought up first. Clearly, cloud has been a critical business enabler for an increasingly distributed workforce. Next, our panel shares their insights on resolving the challenges of enterprise cloud adoption. Planning data migration and ensuring governance are just some of the needs for an effective adoption roadmap. We move on to how the rapid shift to cloud has altered market patterns. Everything from security to applications development methods are experiencing a transformation. And of course, they take on the emergence of hybrid-cloud and its impact on the enterprise. The need for hybrid cloud is evident but there are some ways to go before we reach optimal results. And finally, our panel considers the notion of “cloud native” itself and its impact on cloud adoption. Re-engineering processes, rethinking skills, and redefining structures lies at the core of true cloud transformation. Once more, we wrap up on another exciting and informative session!