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Week of Dec 18


The increase between 2016 and 2021 in the number of retail business assets (such as products, digital signs and Bluetooth beacons) connected to IoT platforms

Juniper Research
Week of Dec 04

“The amount of publicly available data is so huge that no human can come to grips with it, but AI can”

Elly Hardwick, head of innovation, Deutsche Bank
Week of Nov 27


The number of data science tasks will be automated by 2020

Week of Nov 20

“Cyber is so high up on the radar. It’s just so important. There aren’t very many things that can whack a company’s market cap by a third”

William Lansing, CEO, FICO
Week of Nov 13

$110.46 Billion

The size of the embedded systems market in 2023

Week of Nov 06

“Technology has become commonplace in our lives, including in our financial transactions, and cybersecurity should be a major concern for all Americans”

Jay Clayton, SEC Chairman
Week of Oct 30


The percent of CIOs who will have AI as top five investment priority by 2020

Week of Oct 23

“Our digital experience, cyber safeguards and IT systems are the backbone of how we do business,”

Tim Buckley, CEO, Vanguard Group
Week of Oct 16

$800 Billion

The spending on the IoT market in 2017

Week of Oct 09

“A number of jobs in the company would benefit from having access to [virtual reality] technology to get immersed more effectively in these environments and help them do their jobs better”

Juan Perez, CIO, UPS
Week of Oct 02

$40.2 Billion

The sharing economy’s platform provider revenues in 2022

Juniper Research
Week of Sep 25

“One of the advantages of e-commerce in the online experience is there’s a lot of data we can learn from”

Marc Rosen, Executive vice president and president of global e-commerce, Levi Strauss & Co.