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Week of May 11

“Over time, our symbiotic relationship with AI and machine learning will become tighter as we rely on technology to make sense of even greater, more complex data sets.” – By Rick King, Managing Director, Thomson Reuters

Week of May 04

“The implications of Blockchain transactions are staggering. When a maid in New York City no longer has to pay a large fee to send  $400 back home to Honduras…it’s shifting power and ultimately changing the world’s income distribution.” – By Atefe Riazi, Assistant Secretary- General and Chief Information Technology Officer, United Nations

Week of Apr 27

“Human beings are the only technology available that can understand the full context of what’s not working well in every business process and function, and how to improve it.” – By Timo Elliott, VP, Global Innovation Evangelist for SAP 


Week of Apr 20

“Business people aren’t passive “users” of technology: they are the most important “technology” in the enterprise, and yet this technology is not being fully leveraged – because it’s hard to do so!” – By Timo Elliott, VP, Global Innovation Evangelist for SAP 

Week of Apr 13

“I am most excited about not a single technology but rather a convergence of multiple technologies of AI, cloud, and data collaboratives that allows for the most impactful data for [health care] initiatives.” – By Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer, ThoughtSpot

Week of Apr 06

“Use of IoT in in precision and smart agriculture will help the world in sustaining the ever growing population of the world for the next few decades.” - By Fawad Khan, Cloud and Digital Transformation Leader, Microsoft

Week of Mar 30

“Advances in conversational AI, voice and gesture recognition will make it easier for technology designers to keep devices highly usable while the size of hardware shrinks. Voice and gesture will become the main human-machine interfaces.” - By Sarah Burnett, EVP & Distinguished Analyst, Everest Group

Week of Mar 23

RPA will infiltrate vast areas of society, including monitoring networks and cybersecurity, as we continue to evolve to Industry 4.0. – By Bob Carver, Principal Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence and Analytics, Verizon

Week of Mar 16

“The convergence of technology advancements around compliance, integration, dynamic pricing, treasury, settlement and risk management have created a unique moment in time where commercial borders will disappear.” - Rebecca Loevenguth, Global Head of Enterprise Partnerships Commercial Development, Western Union 

Week of Mar 09


Number of healthcare organizations that have experienced a data breach since the third quarter of 2016, according to Black Book Market Research.

Week of Mar 02

“For the company as a whole, being customer-centric has led us to a point where we don’t just see ourselves as a company that leases trucks but as a company in the business of handling other firms’ transportation needs.”  - Ramesh Sundaresan, VP & Division CIO, Ryder System

Week of Feb 24

$165.6 billion

Global social advertising spend expected by 2023, according to Frost & Sullivan.