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Week of Sep 25

“One of the advantages of e-commerce in the online experience is there’s a lot of data we can learn from”

Marc Rosen, Executive vice president and president of global e-commerce, Levi Strauss & Co.
Week of Sep 18

$5.3 billion

The amount of money stolen due to business email compromise (BEC) fraud between October 2013 and December 2016​

Internet Crime Complaint Center
Week of Sep 11

"The expectations of IT being changed, [IT] spending is now expected to support revenue growth for the company [rather than cost cutting]”

John-David Lovelock, Vice President of Research, Gartner Inc.
Week of Sep 04


The percentage of consumer vehicles on the road in 2022 that will have at least one connectivity service, such as telematics, V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communications, or connected car commerce services.

Juniper Research
Week of Aug 28

“We can think about artificial intelligence as algorithmic intelligence… because what takes data and produces an outcome are algorithms that are written, overseen, governed, and managed by people”

Cathy Bessant, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Bank of America
Week of Aug 21

$55 Billion

Annual revenues in 2022 from sales of enterprise wearable device such as smartwatches, smart glasses, and wearable scanners.

ABI Research
Week of Aug 14

“CIOs… have been too passive for too long… you have to be an active leader, demanding your seat at the table because your company needs you”

Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO, GE
Week of Aug 07

$8 trillion

The cost to enterprises worldwide of criminal data breaches over the next 5 years

Juniper Research
Week of Jul 31

“Unless you can instrument and measure the change, you’ll never actually get the depth of change that you want”

David Gledhill, Group CIO and Head of Technology and Operations, DBS Bank
Week of Jul 24


Percent of CIOs reporting to CEOs in 2017.

Harvey Nash/KPMG
Week of Jul 17

“Things change so fast, especially in the travel and hospitality industry … if you don’t do something different, you’ll be out of business pretty quick”

Eash Sundaram, CIO, JetBlue
Week of Jul 10

$8 Billion

Annual cost savings attributed to chatbots in 2022, up from $20 million in 2017

Juniper Research