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Week of Jul 27

“I always tried to train someone who could take my place as quickly as possible. It may seem counterintuitive, but if you are seen as irreplaceable in your role, you won’t be considered for other opportunities.” –By Tina Sands, CIO, Cadent Gas

Week of Jul 20

“I try to hold my team in the “Discomfort Zone” to make sure we are getting the best answer to the best question.” –By Fiona Bishop, Executive Manager for Change and Innovation, Western Power

Week of Jun 29

“Women often need to feel that they can do every single aspect of a job before they are qualified for it, and I think that is a mistake. If you already know how to do the whole job, how are you going to grow?” –By Ashild Hanne Larsen, CIO and SVP of Corporate IT, Equinor

Week of Jun 22

“Leadership is about helping others to find the potential in themselves, and then removing the roadblocks that get in the way of helping them to develop that promise.” –By Titina Ott Adams, Senior VP Customer Operations, HM Health Solutions- a division of Highmark Health Pittsburgh

Week of Jun 15

“Good change agents are not only forward-looking, but also are able to help others step back and see the change in a broader context.” –By Annie Chong, Regional Director- IT Planning and Operations, MSD International GmbH Singapore

Week of Jun 08

“It’s an exciting time, but a challenging one as well, because it’s forcing many colleagues in my generation to rethink how we define our value.” –By Zeeshan Tariq, Global CIO and Vice President, Zimmer Biomet

Week of Jun 01

“What Uber did to taxis could happen to us. Wouldn’t it be better to use our leverage now and be the one disrupting the sector?” –By Ramesh Sundaresan, Vice President & Division CIO, Ryder Systems

Week of May 25

“AI, Cloud, Internet of Things and most importantly 5G are coming together to create an Internet of Everything - or what we see as an Internet of Everyone.” – By Michael Ebeid, Group Executive, Telstra Enterprise 

Week of May 18

“People tend to misunderstand the nature of a digital transformation.They hear the word digital and think it’s an IT project.” –By Christy Barker, Vice-President and Chief Information Officer, Olin Corporation

Week of May 11

“Over time, our symbiotic relationship with AI and machine learning will become tighter as we rely on technology to make sense of even greater, more complex data sets.” – By Rick King, Managing Director, Thomson Reuters

Week of May 04

“The implications of Blockchain transactions are staggering. When a maid in New York City no longer has to pay a large fee to send  $400 back home to Honduras…it’s shifting power and ultimately changing the world’s income distribution.” – By Atefe Riazi, Assistant Secretary- General and Chief Information Technology Officer, United Nations

Week of Apr 27

“Human beings are the only technology available that can understand the full context of what’s not working well in every business process and function, and how to improve it.” – By Timo Elliott, VP, Global Innovation Evangelist for SAP