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Week of Jan 28

“People tend to misunderstand the nature of a digital transformation. They hear the word digital and think it’s an IT project.” – Christy Barker, VP- Chief Information Officer, Olin Corporation

Christy Barker
Week of Jan 21

“I think the critical bits moving forward are the more invisible points of diversity, such as diversity of thought and technical background, because that will help us adapt as our industries are disrupted.” – Fiona Bishop, Executive Manager, Western Power

Fiona Bishop
Week of Jan 14

$1.22 trillion

Worldwide technology spending on the Internet of Things in 2022.

Week of Jan 07

$20 billion

Worldwide Spending on Augmented and Virtual Reality in 2019.


Week of Dec 31


The number of corporate legal departments that are unprepared to support their organizations’ digital initiatives.

Week of Dec 24

3 million

The number of jobs 5G technologies are expected to create.

Week of Dec 17


The number of companies that will obtain AI capabilities through cloud-based enterprise software.

Week of Dec 10

$7.1 billion

Global application security spending predicted by 2023.

Week of Dec 03

$12.1 billion

Worldwide Industry Cloud Spending by Healthcare providers in 2018.

Week of Nov 26


The number of organizations that have low business intelligence and analytics maturity.

Week of Nov 19

“With Agile, the product owner is never a techie. It’s the business owner. So Agile brought IT closer to the business and the business closer to IT.” -- Maurice Boon, CEO, Quint Wellington Redwood

Week of Nov 12

$193.8 billion

Annual revenue expected from Deep Learning-based machine vision services and hardware by 2023.

ABI Research