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Week of Jan 18

Whenever I was offered an opportunity, even if a part of me said, “Oh I'm not sure about that,” I hear my father's voice saying, “It's an opportunity to learn.”

- By Daniela “Dani” Allen, Vice President, IT Applications, Price Chopper Supermarkets

Week of Jan 11

"I wouldn't advise women who want to be CIOs to fixate on reaching the role. I would tell them to focus on the impact they can make, both on technology solutions and on society, and how they can develop and challenge themselves as they grow."

- By Michele Hughes, Vice President, IT & Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble

Week of Jan 04

"One key lesson for me was to not always focus on the job I was applying for, but on the leader I wanted to work for. Ask yourself: who can motivate and inspire you and get the best out of you?"

- By Åshild Hanne Larsen, CIO and SVP of Corporate IT, Equinor

Week of Dec 28

"Outcomes are everything – no one will thank you for doing great analysis on a business case if you never build the solution for the problem you identified."

- By Ian Robinson, CIO, WaterNSW 

Week of Dec 21

"We need…teams of sponsors not just mentors! A sponsor treats you like a protégée.… We need more women sponsoring women AND men sponsoring women leaders!"

- By Sandy Carter, Vice President, Amazon Web Services

Week of Dec 14

"Being able to be authentic… is very important for women, particularly as leaders. We are often told, “Walk like that, talk like that.” But you have to ignore those voices… It doesn’t matter what people think. The energized performance of your teams will be what matters."

- By Gurmeet Kaur, Director of Digital Strategy and Product Development, AARP

Week of Dec 07

"Giving everyone access to tamper-proof documents [through blockchain technology] will make it harder to oppress many of the world’s most vulnerable people."

- By Atefeh Riazi, Assistant Secretary-General and Chief Information Technology Officer, United Nations

Week of Nov 30

"The most important thing in business is… knowing what’s important! And (thankfully), that’s an area where artificial intelligence will never rival human intelligence."

- By Timo Elliott, VP, Global Innovation Evangelist, SAP

Week of Nov 23

If corporate strategy is embracing data as the new oil, then it’s paramount that cybersecurity become an element of corporate level business strategy, to protect the data which is such a valuable corporate resource. @CIOStraightTalk

–Wilfredo Lassalle @wlassalle

Co-Founder & CIO, JLS Technology

(From the Straight Talk Tweetchat “Where does cybersecurity go from here?”)

Week of Nov 16

"Giving business people software development tools puts process in the hands of those who directly understand business’s needs." 

- By Amit Zavery, Vice President/General Manager and Head of Business Application Platform, Google Cloud

Week of Nov 02

While many in the [financial services] industry will focus on the need to reduce and control costs, the main driver must be the changing expectations of customers for better #CX. Many FIs have been caught with digital experiences that are subpar. #STinsights @CIOStraightTalk 

Alex Jimenez @RAlexJimenez

Chief Strategy Officer, Extractable 

(From the Straight Talk Tweetchat “Resilience Through Reskilling in Financial Services”) 

Week of Oct 26

If you’re a robot looking to get a job in human #FinTech digital transformation, here are the skills I’d suggest you learn : OCR, CV, NLG, IA, NLA, RPA, ML, NLP. @CIOStraightTalk #STinsights

Chris Gledhill @cgledhill 

FinTech Futurist 

(From the Straight Talk Tweetchat “Resilience Through Reskilling in Financial Services”)