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Week of Apr 12

A positive attitude toward work improves productivity and makes work more enjoyable. People need to learn that they have a daily choice in determining how they feel about their jobs.

- By Julian Mitchell, Vice President of Product Development, Allscripts

Week of Apr 05

We will live in a world where everything that can be connected will be connected, devices will be smarter with more compute power locally and latency will be a thing of the past.

- By Michael Ebeid, Group Executive, Telstra Enterprise

Week of Mar 29

It’s easy to roll out public health laws, but sometimes, especially in authoritarian countries, it is hard to unroll laws made in the times of public health emergencies.

- By Michele Barry, Stanford University, Professor of Medicine

Week of Mar 22

“If there is a desire to use bleeding-edge technologies in an easy, low-cost way, the cloud is going to be the only option.”

- By Michael Cantor, CIO, Park Place Technologies

Week of Mar 15

Technology is the greatest catalyst for removing borders and connecting people around the world. 

- By Rebecca Loevenguth, Global Head of Enterprise Partnerships Commercial Development, Western Union

Week of Mar 08

"Think big and think holistically. Be bold with pursuing your dreams; the worst that can happen is finding out that the timing isn’t right. If you don’t try, you’ll never know."

- By Jane Kopper-Woodward, Vice President, Enterprise Technology Services, Performance Food Group

Week of Mar 01

"The leaders I know who have achieved true long-term success not only know where they are and where they’re going but also where they came from. They understand that they didn’t get there alone. We all need a little help on the journey."

- By Titina Ott Adams, Senior VP, Customer Operations, HM Health Solutions

Week of Feb 22

"In any IT project, you find the most challenging part of the task sits 35 centimeters in front of the screen." 

- By Kurt De Ruwe, Chief Information Officer Philips Lighting

Week of Feb 15

"These days, to be a good CIO, you not only need to be able to manage the technology, you need to be able to have a business-level conversation as well—and do it without resorting to too many three or four-letter acronyms." 

- By Olli Hyyppä, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, NXP Semiconductors

Week of Feb 08

"Data is the pollution problem of the information age, and protecting privacy is the environmental challenge."

- By Bruce Schneier, Security Technologist and Author

Week of Feb 01

"A woman who wants to succeed in technology needs confidence, tenacity, and analytical skills…. When people try to say you don't have the skills, tell them that you do—they just haven't noticed." 

By Lynda Murray-Thomas, Director, Digital Delivery & Portfolio Management, Universal Studios Hollywood, NBCUniversal

Week of Jan 25

"I no longer even think about being a woman when I sit down at the table. I focus instead on why we are here, what do we need to do, and what I am bringing to the table to ensure that we make the decision we need to make."

- By Itumeleng Makgati, Executive Partner – Information Management, Sasol Johannesburg