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Week of Dec 03

$12.1 billion

Worldwide Industry Cloud Spending by Healthcare providers in 2018.

Week of Nov 26


The number of organizations that have low business intelligence and analytics maturity.

Week of Nov 19

“With Agile, the product owner is never a techie. It’s the business owner. So Agile brought IT closer to the business and the business closer to IT.” -- Maurice Boon, CEO, Quint Wellington Redwood

Week of Nov 12

$193.8 billion

Annual revenue expected from Deep Learning-based machine vision services and hardware by 2023.

ABI Research
Week of Nov 05

$124 billion

Worldwide spending on information security products and services expected in 2019.

Week of Oct 29

$10.9 billion

Global spending on public cloud IT infrastructure in the second quarter of 2018.

Week of Oct 22

$13 trillion

Additional economic activity AI could deliver by 2030.

Week of Mar 26

4.6 million

The number of information technology (IT) workers now stands at 4.6 million, compared with just 450,000 in 1970 according to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. This upsurge means that IT workers now represent 2.9% of the U.S. labor force.

United States Census Bureau
Week of Mar 19

"American consumers want to know if their data has been breached no matter where the breach occurs. No industry should be allowed to keep its data breaches secret."

Paul Martino, Vice President and Senior Policy Counsel, National Retail Federation
Week of Mar 12


The number of customer service operations that will use virtual customer assistants or chatbots by 2020

Week of Mar 05

“Digital transformation requires collaboration and a joint set of initiatives that combine business and technology. As such, IT must be involved much earlier in process, whether it comes to developing new products and platforms, the planning of the launch strategy, or new pricing systems”

Roland Schütz, CIO, Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Week of Feb 26

$1.5 Trillion

Anticipated US business and government tech spending in 2018