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Week of Nov 18

“Women often use a lot of qualifiers...“maybe,” “I think we should,” “we might” – which can make you less persuasive.” – Itumeleng Makgati, Executive Partner- Information Management, Sasol

Itumeleng Makgati
Week of Nov 11

$4.2 billion

Global 5G network infrastructure revenue expected by 2020, according to Gartner.

Week of Nov 04

"Pulling existing technology into our systems so we don't have to re-invent it delivers powerful results." – Jim Morrison, Senior Vice President, Solution Development Organization, Allscripts

Jim Morrison
Week of Oct 28

“I find that in technology men are more conflict-averse than women.” – Robin Abrams, Director, HCL Technologies

Robin Abrams
Week of Oct 21

“Don’t look for a mentor who is the same as you, because all you’ll do is violently agree with each other.” – Tina Sands, CIO, Cadent Gas

Tina Sands
Week of Oct 14


The number of financial executives planning to invest in new technology to meet financial reporting requirements, according to KPMG survey.

KPMG Survey
Week of Oct 07

“Disrupting yourself is less risky than waiting to be disrupted.”- Ramesh Sundaresan, VP & Division CIO, Ryder System

Ramesh Sundaresan
Week of Sep 30

“The idea of shadow IT is obsolete. There is no longer a boundary between what is and what isn’t related to IT.” – Denis Zerr, SVP, Information Technologies & Services, CHI

Denis Zerr
Week of Sep 23

$474.6 billion

Worldwide semiconductor revenue in 2018, according to Gartner.


Week of Sep 16

“One of my key roles is to build the right teams and provide them with the air cover that allows us to experiment, fail fast, flourish, and continue to learn.” – Stuart Page, Director of Systems and Product, BBC

Stuart Page
Week of Sep 09

“Agile isn’t a magic formula for success. For best results, you should adapt the ritual to your environment.” – Akshay Sharma, Senior Director, IT-Web Technologies, Western Digital

Akshay Sharma
Week of Sep 02

“Leadership is about helping others to find the potential in themselves, and then removing the roadblocks that get in the way of helping them to develop that promise, because that’s really what is going to drive results and growth for a company” – Titina Ott Adams, Senior VP, Customer Operations, HM Health Solutions, a division of Highmark Health

Titina Ott Adams