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Week of Oct 16

$800 Billion

The spending on the IoT market in 2017

Week of Oct 09

“A number of jobs in the company would benefit from having access to [virtual reality] technology to get immersed more effectively in these environments and help them do their jobs better”

Juan Perez, CIO, UPS
Week of Oct 02

$40.2 Billion

The sharing economy’s platform provider revenues in 2022

Juniper Research
Week of Sep 25

“One of the advantages of e-commerce in the online experience is there’s a lot of data we can learn from”

Marc Rosen, Executive vice president and president of global e-commerce, Levi Strauss & Co.
Week of Sep 18

$5.3 billion

The amount of money stolen due to business email compromise (BEC) fraud between October 2013 and December 2016​

Internet Crime Complaint Center