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Week of Sep 13

By giving one person authority to look after and optimize an entire process, we were able to speed up integration substantially for some of our most important workstreams.

- By Jahidul Khandaker, CIO, Western Digital 

Week of Aug 23

A more promising way to move forward would be to design the new social contract without relying on the definition and classifications of employment, but instead to adopt some broad principles that should be satisfied for any worker, regardless if he/she is an employee or not.

- By Georgios Petropoulos Marie Curie Skłodowska Research Fellow MIT Sloan School of Management and Bruegel

Week of Aug 16

If we are to achieve proportional representation of women in technology leadership roles, men must become strong allies with women in this effort. It’s certainly in men’s own self-interest to do this, given the documented business benefits of greater gender equity in organizations.

- By Rick King, Executive Vice President of Operations, Thomson Reuters

Week of Aug 09

If you find out what’s important to an individual, your job as a leader gets easier, because you’ll know how to reward him or her in a way that engages and motivates. 

- By Daniel Clark, Senior Director of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Engineering, Rockwell Collins

Week of Aug 02

Open innovation recognizes that the knowledge a company needs does not always reside within its four walls.

- By Tiziano Toschi, Senior Vice President, Global R&D Food Preparation, Electrolux

Week of Jul 26

Sometimes the best thing to do is tell people what result you want and let them decide how they’re going to achieve it. If you pick the right people and you give them that freedom, they will work in ways that you never expected.

- By Nutan Behki, Vice President and General Manager, 2G/3G Wireless Product Division, Alcatel-Lucent

Week of Jul 19

Focusing on your niche, however, shouldn't mean ignoring other opportunities within the business. Great leaders know how to bridge departmental gaps to improve the health of the whole organization.

- By Falon Fatemi, CEO, Node.io

Week of Jul 12

Corporate evolution is not a single strategy or set of rules. Nor is it about technology for technology’s sake. It’s a way of doing business. It’s awareness and a commitment to understanding and meeting customer needs.

- By Sanjay Saraf, CTO and Senior Vice President, Digital Product Engineering, Western Union

Week of Jul 05

Fostering and sustaining a culture of innovation requires establishing an overall environment that supports and encourages creativity at all levels.

- By Patrick Seamon, Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Harris Corporation

Week of Jun 28

Just as no man is an island, no company is innovative in a vacuum. Innovation is born in the context of changing technology, business, and consumer trends.

- By Prith Banerjee, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Schneider Electric

Week of Jun 21

The truth is, we now need people with all kinds of educational backgrounds. We need people with sharp business and social skills because technology is at the core of any business right now, and it is no longer clear where IT stops and the business begins. 

- By Natalia Amores Quinteros, Director of Supplier Security, Philips

Week of Jun 14

I believe, the one ingredient that is necessary to succeed is the courage to believe that you can. Once you have that, you can get everything else. You can have the courage to say I don’t know and ask for help.

- By Audrey Mothupi, Chief Executive Officer, SystemicLogic Group