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Enhance Productivity with Conversational AI


By Sarah Burnett, EVP & Distinguished Analyst, Everest Group on Artificial Intelligence

There will be major developments in technology for employee productivity and experience. Advances in conversational AI, voice and gesture recognition will make it easier for technology designers to keep devices highly usable while the size of hardware shrinks. Voice and gesture will become the main human-machine interfaces.  Holographic screens and keyboards will emerge that people will be able to project onto any available surface, e.g. desks or walls, using their mobile/cell phones, and only when needed. Holographic presence technology will become more accessible and will start to replace voice and video channels for conference calls.

Employees will assign mundane tasks to their personal software robots that their AI-based Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) will code for them based on their pattern of work. The robots and the IVAs will boost employee productivity, enabling them to do more in shorter hours and gain a better work/life balance. Furthermore, these advances in personal productivity and employee experience will make industries more inclusive, enabling people to do more in shorter hours and irrespective of physical disabilities. Increased opportunities for flexible working from anywhere, home or close to home social work-hubs, combined with holographic presence, will help reduce rush hour congestions and business travel, helping the fight against global warming.