By Jaydeep Saha, Contributing Writer, HCL Technologies Ltd. 


On Tuesday, the Government of India approved the proposal for signing an agreement with the United Nations on a ‘Way Finding Application’ that will be used in the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG).

The UNOG, consisting of five buildings and 21 floors, is housed at the historic Palais des Nations. Each day, large number of delegates, members of civil society, and the public visit UNOG to participate in various meetings and conventions.

The complexity of the buildings and large number of visitors meant there was a requirement for a navigational application that could help delegates find their way inside, while adhering to all security perspectives.

While Global Positioning System-based apps function in open space, a more precise in-building navigational app will assist the visitors in locating the room and offices.

What the project is all about

  • The development of the app has been entrusted to Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT), an autonomous Telecom Research & Development center within the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India

  • The app will make India’s presence felt in the UN and showcase its soft power in the form of strong software technology expertise – a ‘Made in India’ app

  • The project consists of the development, deployment, and maintenance of a software-based ‘Way Finding Application’ to facilitate navigation in the Palais des Nations premises

  • The application will enable users to find their way from point to point within the 21 floors spread across five buildings of UNOG

  • The app will work on Android and iOS devices with an internet connection. 

  • The project will highlight the technical capabilities of India

  • The project will be a significant contribution from the India to the UN

On Tuesday, the Union cabinet — chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi — gave a go-ahead to the agreement.

A brief history

  • The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945

  • It is currently made up of 193 member states

  • India is a founding member of the United Nations

  • The development of the ‘Way Finding Application’ has been conceptualized as donation from the Indian government to the UN on its 75th anniversary in 2020

  • The estimated financial implication for development deployment and maintenance of the app is $2 million