Digital conversational companions like Siri are only the beginning – now developers are finding important new use cases for artificial intelligence. 

Retail & Commerce 

With personalized customer information always on hand in a timely manner, chatbots are paving the way for “conversational commerce” on the go – with, employees, retailers and customers singing their praises. 


Conversational A.I. applications in the healthcare sector are as diverse as hands-on jobs in the same field. While some chatbots focus on the supportive tasks of nurses and receptionists, others assist the doctors with their duties, including patient progress reports, assessments, and post-op statuses. Even a diagnosis can be made with  chatbots like Your.MD, which collects symptoms and then provides care recommendations gathered from relevant sources.  


Browsing through multiple portals for news updates is a time consuming activity as well. Conversational A.I.s streamline this process by carefully curating important headlines and providing you with recommended top stories right in your messenger apps.  Already, CNN is using a chatbox to curate news updates for  Facebook Messenger. 

Social Media Marketing 

For most companies, engaging with their customers right where they are most active is an obvious choice. Capable of boosting user engagement on these platforms, chatbots are one the vanguards of social media marketing, allowing consumers to engage with them for customer service and transactional engagements


In a surprising turn of events, chatbots have even managed to work their way into politics. In New Zealand, a chatbot known as SAM (Semantic Analysis Machine) has been developed to share its political opinions on a range of topics from climate change, to healthcare, education and beyond.  


Teaching is a field that conversational A.I. should thrive in. The capacity to personalize education by helping prospective students learn new languages, providing schedule-based classes, and aiding with marking and administrative duties is something that cannot be taken for granted. Duolingo, a prominent language-teaching chatbot, has already garnered massive popularity across the world for its interactive and easy-to-use services.