As the cost of cybercrimes continues to rise at a year-over-year rate of 15%, the importance of cybersecurity rises too. As attackers continue to get more sophisticated, companies are finding they need to raise their cybersecurity game as well.

Here are five ways to make the security journey more manageable:

1. Prioritize threat assessment

A vigilant organization’s journey toward streamlined cybersecurity begins with a comprehensive threat assessment. This will entail a holistic understanding about the strength of the company’s existing security, potential risks faced by the firm, current cyber risk posture, and security-focused regulatory compliance.

2. Consider security as a process and not a product

Buying a cybersecurity solution, or executing a one-time purchase of an antivirus or firewall is no longer enough to protect the expanded organizational perimeter. The enterprise needs to develop secure business processes that will facilitat continuous monitoring of each product, service, and operation across vendors and partners to address any emerging risk.

3. Establish a dedicated and practical training process

Given that 63% of remote workers and 51% of employees at office feel at risk from cyberattacks, cybersecurity training needs to focus on employees, teaching them how to work safely on different domains and from anywhere. A dedicated team of experts will need to create a training module that is clear and simple enough to be understood by all. It should illustrate its points with real-life examples that explain why employees need to stay alert about cyber dangers.

4. Regularly review and update IT policies and procedures

As rules change, cybersecurity teams need to incorporate the new regulations in their security policies and procedures. Sometimes, such additions can actually putthe organization at risk. This makes a regular and proactive review cycle critical. An ongoing process enables organizations to confidently address any issues and prevent unprecedented attacks.

5. Adapt to the changing tide

The increased adoption of IoT devices, remote work, and a rise in both insider and outsider threats has exponentially exacerbated system vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity teams will have to put together a well-conceived security framework for mitigating all these risks. From Zero Trust to Gartner’s CARTA strategy, IT teams cannot leave any stones unturned.