Many companies are already in various stages of a physical return to the workplace. With hybrid work environments becoming more prevalent, some companies are still struggling to find the best way to organize a a hybrid workforce. Others have reinvented themselves and are eager to maintain their hard-won gains in a post-pandemic environment..

Whether you are a leader or a laggard, here are five ways to strengthen the backbone of your new hybrid office:

1. Be Flexible

In the floating world of 2020s work culture, job roles and team dynamics require a flexible approach. On some issues, there is a general consensus that certain tasks are best conducted in person (such as performance reviews, salary discussions, and performance reviews), where meetings that include team members from different parts of the world should be remote for all participants. On others, however, team leaders are best-positioned to decide how their team will function most effectively.

2. Keep pushing technology adoption

Many videoconferencing and communication tools still need fine tuning. Driving the adoption of more advanced video and audio tools is a way to create a more equitable and efficient work environment.

3. Divide and conquer

Working in smaller groups allows organizations to be more nimble and more efficient. Smaller teams are also able to learn faster.

4. Replenish the office brain trust

Early career employees, particularly Gen Z, are quite keen to return to the office environment. After years of unemployment or working from home, they crave in-person teamwork and mentoring as they learn their profession.

5. Lead with purpose

Today, most successful leaders lead with purpose. This requires the leader to foster regular and authentic contact with stakeholders to encourage the formation of human relationships that go beyond transactional connections.