Intelligent Hotels Through AI-powered robotics, the hotel and hospitality industry is able to transform its care, services and processes, especially since it focuses on comfort-enhancing advancements. From concierge robots to voice-activated services, delivering an in-depth customer service based on accurately harnessed customer data is facilitated.

Simplified Systems AI simplifies systems. Today’s consumer seeks interesting, engaging experiences at his own pace and in his own journey. User-centric applications are key. With AI, not only consumer apps but also apps generated by businesses have been based on driving positive user experiences that are easy to use – graphical, voice-based or even text-based experiences can be the key differentiators for failure or success.

Cyber Security The rapid pace of advancing cyber-crime, makes it the most pressing challenge for the industry and a key risk for businesses that also increases costs. AI prevention technologies can detect and defer cyber threats, provide effective authentication and security solutions to combat the hackers as well.

Interactive Experiences Customer-fronting companies such as media, banking, etc. are deploying chatbots for more engaging user experiences. By leveraging AI to draw key insights on customer’s journey, they are able to offer more personalized experiences.

Voice-Activated Shopping With the ever evolving mobile driven, omni-channel retail, voice-controlled AI can transform the entire shopping experience. From voice-based feedback to product reviews, and simplifying returns, voice technology is the future-forward shift in retail.