Augmented Reality has already made notable contributions to several fields from medicine to consumer entertainment. For business, AR has become a great tool that can improve productivity, reduce costs and connect the workforce in new and interesting ways. Here are five fascinating uses of AR in skills training.  

Individualised Instruction

Individualised instruction is a method of learning in which the pace of learning is based on the capabilities of the learner, AR allows teachers to track each students’ needs and achievements and address them accordingly.

Content Enhancement

AR brings digital information and the real world together adding a new layer of visual appeal for learners. Well-established learning practices are made more engaging and attractive through AR such as in the field of medicine where surgery simulations can help train doctors worldwide.

Instructor Free Training

With AR, there is no need to rely or wait on teaching resources as you can download the app and proceed with learning yourself. Available anytime, anywhere, the app acts as a ready guide, and with constantly improving cognitive tools can serve as a personalized tutor as well.

Realistic Virtual Environment

AR can help learning and development designers simulate various training environment that would otherwise be cost prohibitive and allow for deeper engagement. For example, AR simulations for mechanical repairs for submerged marine vessels can help improve worker skills at a lower cost.

Enhance Team Training

Various tasks require groups of people to coordinate and work together, sometimes in extreme circumstances such as medical triage or combat operations. AR is a great training tool that can help individuals experience these scenarios and develop situational awareness to improve their skills.