Leaders have a moral imperative to create a working environment that drives positive relationships and business outcomes. It is their critical responsibility to not only understand trends, but also adapt their leadership approach to meet the challenges of the day.

Below are five practical tips leaders of tomorrow can adopt to shape the enterprise’s future:

1. Be ready to change

The ways of doing business’are drastically different from what they were five years ago. To survive, organizations need to keep their eye on the horizon. This means leaders play a key role in maintaining the pace of change.

2. Align with the enterprise’s vision and mission

Purpose drives the organization’s vision and mission and establishes a set of values that lead to transformational innovations. Such values help employees understand how they can contribute to the company’s growth. Leaders therefore must have a clear understanding of their job, purpose, impact, and meaning to better guide their teams.

3. Reskill and upskill your talent

The new talent landscape is no more about older employees leaving and new employees entering. The increasing attrition rate has led to a new paradigm in many enterprises: attract and retain talent through training and education.

4. Titles mean responsibility

Leaders can no longer hide behind their titles. Enterprises celebrate openness and honesty and expect leaders to have a strong sense of morality, ethics, and transparency. In this era, leaders will need to understand their role in contributing to the organization’s larger picture and conduct regular self-assessments to ensure they are aware of their moral responsibilities.

5. Establish enterprise-wide mechanisms to create role models

Not everyone has the right emotional capabilities to become a great leader. But with good role models and training, it is possible to become a better one.