“Come gather 'round people, wherever you roam,
And admit that the waters, around you have grown,
And accept it that soon, you'll be drenched to the bone.”

Those words from Bob Dylan’s iconic song, The Times They Are A Changin’ rings true for the digital enterprise landscape. And, while times are changing, it is the tech leaders and influencers who are driving the change through their disruptive ideas. Here are five speeches by tech leaders worth watching.

Patrick Forth, TED Institute, December 2014

Patrick Forth is credited with taking BCG’s digital initiatives across Asia Pacific to greater heights. In this TED Talks session, he speaks in length about the hyper-connected digital landscape and how by 2020 some of big players will be replaced by relative newcomers on the back of effective use of digital tools.


Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard University, May 2017

The Facebook chief, Mark Zuckerberg, delivered an emotional and yet a very relevant commencement speech to the class of 2017. In a speech that delves into Zuckerberg’s personal life, his vision of the changing world, and the value of entrepreneurship, the focus remains how technology is the catalyst to a better tomorrow.


Elon Musk, California Institute of Technology, June 2015

The tech maverick, Elon Musk graced the California Institute of Technology (more popularly called Caltech) on the graduation ceremony of the class of 2015. In his commencement speech, he talked candidly about what drove him in his technological journey. Through the speech, the focus is on technology being the elixir of life and how a tech graduate is responsible for making it life-worthy.


Sundar Pichai, Google I/O, May 2017

Delivering the keynote on Google’s eleventh I/O, Sundar Pichai spoke on a plethora of tech topics and how Google is effectively changing the ecosystem. He speaks of the various evolutions within Google and what they are intending to achieve over the foreseeable future. This speech provides great insight to outsiders on how Google functions and aspires.


Jack Ma, CeBIT Germany, June 2015

The Alibaba supremo is known for his insightful and intelligent speeches. So, when he took the stage at CeBIT 2015 to deliver the opening keynote, anticipation was high. And, the wait was worth as Ma took the audience on a truly enriching tech journey, talking in length about his own experiences while keeping pace with technological evolution. He spoke of artificial intelligence (AI) as the key driver of businesses across the world.