A study by LinkedIn found that 57 percent of business leaders believe soft skills are more important than hard skills. In the age of digital transformation, while tackling new problems and change, companies must build on their understanding and their skills. These are some critical skills required for digital transformation.

Thinking Critically

The ability to define, process and analyse a problem before reaching a conclusion about it is an important skill to have in business. Using an ability to reason, critical thinking can be used to solve complex problems and making it an essential skill for enacting digital transformation

Change Management

Change is accelerating growth in business and without proper management, a business could suffer loss. Change management is the moving from an older mode of operation to a newer one and to manage this effectively, leadership and communication skills are required.

Creative Thinking

With digital transformation as a norm, it is important to stay relevant which is where creativity plays an important role. There is a need for people who look at things differently and can approach situations and problems with a new and creative outlook.

Digital Literacy

With technology being a key player in the digital transformation process, basic digital literacy has become a requirement, making it necessary for everyone within the company to be digitally literate for the company to progress.  This also includes a deeper understanding of social media and other modern communication tools.

Data Analytics

For any organization looking to grow, data is the key. Collecting, processing and analysing data has become a priority. The large volumes of data generated by organizations can be put to optimal use with the help of data analytics which can be used to derive actionable insights. Being aware of data science is critical to innovating new transformation solutions.