The last few years have witnessed a burgeoning interest in Blockchain technology by the business and tech community. And while the intertwined notoriety of Bitcoin marks its origins, there is an undeniable acceptance that Blockchain can solve many IT issues for organizations of all types – public and private. As a result, the number of Blockchain centric events and symposiums continue to rise in number and frequency. These events offer CIOs and other business leaders the opportunity to connect with their peers to learn how to leverage opportunities and mitigate risks. Here are the top five events of 2018 that are worth your attention:

Blockshow Europe 2018 When and Where: 28-29 May, Berlin, Germany. One of the biggest conferences in the industry, it features the crème de la crème of the blockchain world. The event will highlight solutions that blockchain technology is offering as well as announce the newest products to be released. It also hosts the ICOscars where startups compete to show off their new solutions.

Unchain When and Where: 31 May to 1 June, Hamburg, Germany. A conference featuring global cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs and experts discussing a wide range of topics, including development and technology, business opportunities, cryptocurrencies and the impact of these technologies on society.

The Blockchain in Healthcare Conference When and Where: 14 June, Toronto, Canada. A one day event that promises to help you understand how to develop scalable solutions for your business, examine open source blockchain development, see how it is part of the cybersecurity solution, discover the importance of early adoption and learn about transparency and security all in one place.

Blockchain World Conference When and Where: 11 July to 13 July, Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Blockchain World Conference has put together a compelling lineup of blockchain and crypto experts. Successfully bringing together experts, scientists, analysts, educators and business leaders all under one roof, this 3 day course promises to offer a lot.

Money 20/20 Europe When and Where: 4-6 June, Amsterdam, Netherlands. With access to over 80 hours of content and in-depth case studies from Europe and beyond, you will also get an insight into how businesses and consumers spend, save, borrow and manage and what interactions will look like in the future.