The IT department is responsible for overseeing and enabling many critical functions within an enterprise. Efficiency within the IT department can ultimately add up to affect the seamless running of the organization at large, and hinder it from achieving its core business objectives. Here are some ways CIOs can boost productivity:

Provide infrastructure that promotes efficiency and collaboration In order to get the most out of the IT team, it’s necessary to invest in the right tools. Video conferencing, for example, has become a popular IT tool which has made that has content sharing features which allow for greater productivity. This means, however, implementing a structure that gives the developers and IT teams’ metrics and shared visibility that is easily accessed by both teams so that issues can be resolved rapidly.

Streamline workflow and remove unnecessary tasks There are often barriers that stand in the way of a company delivering their products and services but these can be eliminated if technology is used better to perform simple tasks. It is also necessary to constantly review processes so that unnecessary steps can be eliminated and the business keeps moving forward.

Benefitting from Diversity & Inclusion Actively including every employee’s ideas, perspectives, knowledge, styles and approaches to work can maximize business success. It has become the new normal for organizations as it gives them a competitive advantage.

Change-oriented culture Leaders that are change-oriented can be inspiring and are not afraid to adopt the inputs of their employees and subordinates to bring about positive change. If this input has the potential to bring about transformation within the organization, leaders will be open to ideas.