Women are underrepresented in IT. Period.

They account for 24% of the total technology workforce in the U.S., but only 18.5% of them hold any type of executive-level positions. Let’s glance through the top 4 reasons why there are fewer women technology leaders in this demanding industry.

It Stems from STEM

Young women and girls are still not as actively engaged in STEM subjects in the education system with only 23% of High School Advanced Placement Computer-Science Exams being taken by women. Nurturing women’s interest in technology is the first step towards fostering a diverse and equitable representation of women in the industry.

Unsupported Career Trajectory

Majority of women IT executives speak about bias and lack of equal career advancement opportunities. The lack of female mentorship for young students and professionals has also inhibited the nurturing of potential leaders. This trend is now being addressed as more female leaders in the industry have taken on more mentorship responsibilities.

Lack of Diversity

68% women say that an organizational culture that promotes gender diversity is one of the most crucial contributors to a woman’s career success in IT. About 70% women in IT don’t have access to highly technical roles which restricts their potential to make an impact in the organization in more meaningful and quantitative ways.

Unveiling the Wage Gap

75% of senior IT executive survey respondents say that there is inequality in pay between genders in the IT industry. This results in a significant loss of earnings for women over their lifetime and forces them to transition elsewhere for growth. Implementing bias interrupters is key to bridging this gap and giving women equal footing.