Adversity fosters perseverance, they say, and the COVD-19 pandemic has highlighted several leadership maxims that can help organizations endure this and future crises. Here are four leadership lessons that we can learn from these difficult times:

Adaptability is the key to turning challenges into opportunities

As the world descended into quarantine, manufacturing came to a standstill. And yet the need for essential services like healthcare continued to rise. Some smart manufacturing companies were quick to adapt to this need, switching their production to produce medical equipment and help the cause. This not only saved countless lives but also preserved the employment and operations of numerous businesses.

Business continuity plans and digitization are no longer optional

Even predictive analytics could not have prepared us for the pandemic. But as it has refused to abate, one of the keys to businesses surviving and even thriving has become clear: Organizations with advanced business continuity plans were able to make quick changes and enact prepared protocols while others were left scrambling..

Over-communication is better in a crisis

One leadership lesson grows out of the widespread shift to remote work during the pandemic. The key to ensuring collaboration and productivity under this set-up has been to focus on over-communication. By communicating consistently, regularly and thoroughly to your teams, you can ensure they’re aligned, well-informed, and free from assumptions, thereby helping to achieve and maintain optimum efficiency and productivity.

Trust is the key to coming out of a crisis stronger

Unusual circumstances are opportunities to build trust between people, but that can take time and may not lead to desired results. For organizations where relationships – whether between employers and employees, managers and subordinates or service providers and clients -- were already based on trust, the results can be positive. Trusting relationships foster empathy, which helps an organization remain resilient and unified – a critical need in times of crisis.