The responsibilities of a C-Suite executive are in a constant state of flux. Not only are they driven to achieve practical business goals but also looked up to as visionaries who help motivate innovation. Here are a few leadership development books that can help every C-suite leader further their self-improvement journey.

Crack the C-Suite Code: How Successful Leaders Make It to the Top 

By Cassandra Frangos

The road to the top is filled with challenges and can appear foreboding for many new executives. Frangos demystifies this journey and helps executives understand how they can direct their career trajectories and aim for the top. Her book is filled with in-depth research, expert guidance and numerous real-world examples that share the experiences of current CEOs and executives.

Unlearning Leadership: Know Yourself - Grow Your Business

By Guy Pierce Bell

Guy Bell is an evangelist for the power of transformative thinking in corporate leadership. In his book, he calls for the unlearning of traditional corporate philosophies. Drawing on his experiences as a motivational speaker and executive coach, he shares the importance of humanizing leadership within the organization as a means to drive exceptional outcomes.

1,001 Ways to Engage Employees: Help People Do Better What They Do Best

By Dr. Bob Nelson

Dr. Bob Nelson has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, helping them improve their management programs. His book leverages this experience to help leaders create a culture of engagement in their own organizations and improve employee motivation. Filled with research-based analysis and real-life examples, his book is required reading for any executive who wants to motivate their workforce, reduce attrition, and improve performance.

The Motivation Trap: Leadership Strategies to Achieve Sustained Success

By John Hittler

Have trouble keeping your team motivated despite good leadership skills? Transformational business coach Hittler recommends, you take a step back and ask the question - "what if it isn't the leader's job to motivate their teams?" Starting from this counter-intuitive premise, Hittler offers readers in-depth insights on extrinsic and intrinsic motivation and its limitations. The Motivation Trap is a great read for leaders and can help leaders unlock high-achieving, self-driven teams with the help of easy to implement tools.