Major figures like physicist Stephen Hawking and Tesla’s Elon Musk have publically voiced their concern regarding the potential dangers of advanced artificial intelligence. Here is a quick look at three ways in which advanced AI may pose a risks to humanity.

Automated National Defense

There is little doubt that in geo-politics, technological advancement is a type of arms race. As nations develop more advanced AI, the risk of autonomous military systems like drones and missile defense poses significant risk to world peace.

Social Manipulation

The aftermath of the 2016 elections have exposed some ugly truths about social media and its power to influence human behavior. With the revelations arising out of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we can be certain that AI-enabled social manipulation can drastically impact humanity towards dire ends.

Analytic Discrimination

Perhaps one of the most serious dangers of AI is its capacity for data analysis and thereby reduce each individual human into quantified metrics. But without humanity at its core, this cold calculus of can lead to things such as a “social credit score” and be easily misused to discriminate people based on basic human frailties.