Women are underrepresented in IT. In the US, they account for only 24% of the total technology workforce and hold only 18.5% hold executive-level positions.

Lack of STEM Support

Early education lacks an equitable support for females in science and math. As a result, 23% of High School Advanced Placement Computer-Science Exams applicants are women which limits their potential in the world of technology.

Delayed Diversity

68% women say that an organizational culture that promotes gender diversity is one of the most crucial contributors to a woman’s career success in IT. About 70% women in IT don’t have access to highly technical roles as a result of this lack in diversity and opportunity.

Unveiling the Wage Gap

75% senior IT executive survey respondents say there is inequality in pay between men and women in IT roles. This results in a significant loss of earnings for women over their lifetime and makes the technology industry a less appealing career option.