Jordi Neves on role of technology in running the Volvo Ocean Race | Straight Talk

Jordi Neves on role of technology in running the Volvo Ocean Race

Jordi Neves
Chief Digital Officer
Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race is an around-the-world yacht race that is held every three years. Established in 1973, the Race is one of the longest and toughest professional sporting events in the world. The race encompasses four oceans, six continents, and covers over 45,000 nautical miles.

Jordi Neves heads the marketing, communication, and technology department of the Volvo Ocean Race. He has played a key role in developing all of the Volvo Ocean Race digital platforms since 2016, after holding a similar position with the America’s Cup organization. Born in Barcelona, Jordi studied both software and telematics engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He also a part of the Advanced Management Program at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to working with the Volvo Ocean Race, he has worked with P&G, HP and DHL.

Key takeaways from Jordi’s interview: 

Simplifying Challenges

Technological advancements have transformed how content is produced and consumed globally, such as relaying messages in extreme environments in a tough race.

Unlocking Data

Leveraging technology to analyze data in real-time, for weather and climate change predictions, helps organizations build models to prepare contingencies.

Evolving IT

IT has a transformative role in driving the world’s toughest race. They credit innovation, learning, listening, and being open to the unknown for their success. 

Future Forward Racing

Increased interactivity and living real experiences is the future forward vision for racing. Enduring harsh challenges unfolds real stories. 

Advice for aspiring IT leaders 

Learning is key to excel. The way forward is to really listen to your audience, learn and lead with a humble approach - all signs of a good leader.

For more on the role of technology in running the Volvo Ocean Race, watch the above video.

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