Eyes of AI: Making Sensors Intelligent through Edge Computing | Straight Talk
In this CTO Straight Talk Tweet chat, our esteemed panel dives deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, and Intelligent Sensors. We are joined by an amazing panel of global technology and business experts… We start by asking our panelists to share their top-level view of the current technology landscape. Sensors are more prevalent than we could have ever imagined and this is only the beginning. This convergence is already reaping benefits in multiple industries today. Business has already taken the lead but we’re quickly reaching end-users with these new possibilities. Edge computing has a critical role to play in the convergence of these technologies./b> In the end, it’s always about a better customer and user experience. There are a fascinating varieties of use sensor use-cases out in the real world. It’s rapidly becoming clear that the science-fiction of yesteryears is a reality today. To conclude, we find out where the sensor market is headed. It’s evident that sensors will touch everything and there is no limit to their potential deployments. With that we close another insightful and energetic discussion! See you all soon!