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Numerous digital initiatives help sustain and advance HCL Technologies’ tradition of bottom-up innovation.

By Manoj Kumbhat 

Senior Vice President & Global CIO, HCL Technologies

HCL is one of the fastest growing technology services companies in the world, with now more than 106,000 employees working around the globe. We attribute much of the company’s growth to the innovation that those employees, working with our customers, can bring to the table. But as the company has expanded geographically, harnessing that individual expertise and creativity becomes a challenge.

Indeed, silos and distance threaten the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation culture of any fast-growing organization. Big breakthroughs don’t happen in isolation. By investing in new digital technology and processes, we have been able to create a global collaboration network and innovation ecosystem that breaks down walls between people and connects employees separated by oceans who may never have the opportunity to meet in person.

We’ve taken advantage of emerging technologies, including cloud computing, mobility, social networking, and analytics, to empower employees to collaborate, innovate, and implement their ideas for creating value. The grassroots quality of the network is important because some of the best ideas and creative problem solving in an organization come not from the top but from front-line employees.

We like to say that over the past three to four years, we’ve created the world’s largest organization of ideapreneurs, with a culture of ideapreneurship that to date has spawned thousands of ideas generating hundreds of millions of dollars in value to HCL’s clients.

Seeking Real-Time Collaboration

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