Cybersecurity Paradox: The Human Element of a Technology Crisis | Straight Talk
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In this CIO Straight talk Tweet chat, a panel of global security experts ponder upon the human element of cybersecurity and discuss the importance of sensitizing and empowering employees as the first line of defense.

Our esteemed security leaders are ready to dive into the discussion...

We start with analyzing the role of the human element and its business vulnerability.

Empower every employee with cybersecurity education and awareness.

The panel highlights the top ways humans negate the efficacy of cybersecurity investments.

More human awareness to manage digital risks thus mitigating human ignorance.

Overcoming challenges with strategy implementation.

Every employee has to own cyber risk management...

Your cybersecurity framework checklist for compliance.

Flexible and adaptive cybersecurity frameworks can enhance the RoI.

And to our final official question...

Managing the human elements and cybersecurity metrics, to be a C-suite priority.

But wait! There’s the bonus question…

2020 is almost upon us and the technological possibilities are endless.

Thanks to all our panelists for another stimulating session.