Cognitive Products and Platforms - The New Way to Win Customers
Hilton, Santa Clara

From simplistic use cases of answering questions, providing recommendations and direction, and automatically adapting and learning based on former mistakes (For e.g. “Alexa shopping recommendations”) to moving to true frictionless service offerings (For e.g. “oncology identification services for cancer patients”) – we are truly in an era of significant disruption across industry segments through integration of these cognitive technologies.

This brings us to some unique and significant questions that need to be explored -

  • How are top organizations thinking of integrating cognitive technologies into their products/platforms?
  • Are customers truly getting outstanding service offerings through these integrations? Or is this just a tech fad?
  • Will companies that don’t adopt to this new standard perish?
  • What impact will artificial intelligence, cognitive, and intelligent assistance technology have on the end users?  

We welcome you to an evening of interactive discussions with leading industry luminaries to deliberate on how to go about defining a desired customer experience and selecting the technologies that can be leveraged to create it. Speakers feature some of the senior engineering thought leaders from the industry, renowned external analyst and engineering leadership team from HCL

We think it will be both, an interesting and informative evening.