David Chou
David Chou
VP, Chief Information and Digital Officer

David Chou is the Vice President and Chief Information & Digital Officer at Children's Mercy Hospital. He is also a​ Digital Health Evangelist with dchougroup. Previously, Chou served as CIO at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Senior Director of IT Operations at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, CIO at AHMC Healthcare, and Director of IS at Prime Health Care.

By David Chou, Digital Health Evangelist, dchougroup, and former CIO, University of Mississippi Medical Center

This article is by Featured Blogger David Chou from his LinkedIn page.

Recently I wrote a blog with my advice for young executives managing older, experienced staff. My entire career was focused on managing and working with experienced staff and there are things that I learn and adapt daily in my management style. I have adjusted my leadership style for the different personalities on the team. I have developed the skills in working a boardroom and understand how to observe the audience. Most importantly I have transitioned to think like a chairman of the board, investor of the company, CEO of the organization, and other top executive leaders. This mentality will never go away and it is a life long learning journey, as I would call it. Learning will never stop. The next wave of leadership that I must focus on is managing the upcoming millennial workforce.

We are now at a tipping point where millennials will make up fifty percent of the workforce by 2020. The leadership style to manage and help them grow their careers is completely different than what we have experienced before. Millennial workforce has different expectations:

  • Work/life balance is critical. They want flexible working schedule.
  • Personal/Career development is important. They are willing to invest in themselves and want an organization that will invest in their career.
  • Tech users — They are heavy tech users and will try to automate everything.
  • Fast track promotion — They will always look for the next opportunity in their career so do not expect them to be with an organization long term if they cannot rise to the ranks quickly.

The above are just a few characteristics of the workforce that will dominate by 2020. I am a few years shy of being a millennial and I realized that I will have to invest in myself more to understand the millennial generation in order to become an effective leader. The healthcare sector that I work in will have to adapt to the expectation of millennials. I think I have found the tool that will help me engage and learn from the millennial workforce. That tool is snapchat and it will be used as my engagement channel with the millennial workforce of the future.

One of the up and coming social tools that I have neglected is snapchat. My kids are too young to use snapchat so I have not invested the time in using the tool versus other parents who have older kids and are already snapping away. I am a big believer that it is the next big social tool. There are a lot of major brands using snapchat and I see the vision and the effectiveness of the tool. 2016 will be the year that I will use the snapchat channel as a tool to engage with millennials and adapt my leadership style so that I can be the most effective leader for the next generation. Join me on snapchat while I use the channel to share my day and share my thoughts.

Originally published on LinkedIn