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Conversational RPA Synergizes The Power Of RPA And AI
Muddu Sudhakar
Investor and Board Member, AISERA, Inc.

Muddu Sudhakar is a successful Entrepreneur, Executive and Investor. Muddu has deep Product, technology and GTM experience and knowledge on enterprise markets such as Cloud, SaaS, AI/Machine learning, IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data, Storage and chip/Semiconductors. Muddu has strong operating experience with startups as CEOs (Caspida, Cetas, Kazeon, Sanera, Rio Design) and in public companies as SVP & GM role at likes of ServiceNow, Splunk, VMware, EMC. Muddu has founded 5 startups and all of them are successful acquired and provided 10x returns for shareholders & investors. He loves to mentor, coach, interact and collaborate with both early-stage or late-stage startups and entrepreneurs as an advisor, board member, and investor.

Sudhakar holds a Ph.D. and MS in Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles and a BS in Electronics & Communications Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.  He is widely published in industry journals and conference proceedings  and has more than 40 patents.