Balance for Better: Fostering Inclusive Growth in the Workplace | Straight Talk
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In this CIO Straight talk Tweet chat, a panel of global leaders participate in a thought provoking discussion on how organizations and individuals can make the C-suite more inclusive and diverse.

Our panel of esteemed industry leaders are eager to get started…

We start with a look at gender inclusivity in the workplace.

Gender parity makes for good business sense.

Next, the panel looks at the obstacles to gender equity.

The challenges may be significant but they can surely be overcome.

Family vs. Career - Is it really a binary choice?

In the 21st-century, family has to become an enabler of women’s career success.

Men are an equal partner and beneficiary to the coming change…

Simply being aware of the problems and acknowledging them is a great first step.

And to the final question…

Leadership transcends gender.

With that, we end another fantastic session!