3 Ways Your Career Gets Better When You Let Go Of Being Liked


You don’t need to be unnecessarily mean or harsh to get results -- that’s often just as counter-productive as trying to be likeable. But if you let go of the idea that everyone at work (and life, really) will like you, you’ll find it has a positive impact on your work and the results you can drive.

Here’s what happens when you let go of being liked:

When you need to say no, it won’t bother you…

You kill unfounded doubt and build confidence in even your toughest choices…

You stay focused.

How to nail the video job interview


Many organizations are using video to simplify the candidate-screening process, speed time-to-hire and make the interviewing process less expensive. But for candidates, the video interviewing process comes with pitfalls unique to the medium. There's definitely a learning curve and an initial awkwardness with video interviews, but by following these tips and using your manners, you'll be sure to land the starring role:  Test everything you can (e.g., audio, video link) before the interview, use a stationary technology (a laptop, a tablet or a desktop) to do the call, dress like you're going to an interview, eliminate distractions, make the most of your screen time, sit in front of a neutral background and face the camera straight on, act natural.

The One Thing Every Authentic Leader Knows


Self-awareness is a cornerstone of authentic leadership, if not also a prerequisite. Without that baseline understanding of oneself it's impossible for a leader to possess a realistic understanding of his or her surroundings.

An Interactive Tool for Understanding Your Leadership Style

Harvard Business Review

We’ve designed a tool that zeros in on the hows of leadership. It gives you immediate feedback about your style — potential strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots — and pinpoints the settings where you’ll be most and least effective. We identified eight leadership archetypes altogether, using a combination of psychometric and statistical analysis from a study of more than a thousand largely U.S.-based senior executives.

How To Answer The Question 'Tell Me About Yourself!'


Most job-seekers find “Tell me about yourself” a hard question to answer, if only because you don’t know how much of your story the interviewer wants to hear…. start your story with a very short answer we call an Answerette. Then, you’ll switch gears and get to the meat of the matter – the reason you’re there at the interview in the first place.

7 Little Acts of Leadership

Be Leaderly

7 little tweaks in attitude and actions will have a big impact on how you feel about yourself – and how others perceive you…

…#7. Be current. In his excellent book, Embodied Leadership, Pete Hamill recommends a daily practice of reading for 20 minutes a day. He argues that being focused, making notes, and putting into action what you read will mean you will "…notice a difference in your knowledge and understanding of your leadership, your organization and your industry, and so will those around you!"

What 11 Highly Successful People Eat For Breakfast

Business Insider

How do the most successful people start their days? From getting up early to exercise routines, the mornings are an important time to reflect and get your mind and body ready for the long and productive day ahead. This includes getting the fuel you need to face the world.

Leading People When They Know More than You Do

Harvard Business Review

The transition to generalist management can signal the end for successful specialist managers. But if you realize that you no longer have to be, or even should be, the expert, this can be the most fulfilling and satisfying moment in your career.

Here are the four key skills to develop and practice: 1) Focus on relationships, not facts; 2) Add value by enabling things to happen, not by doing the work; 3) Practice seeing the bigger picture, not mastering the details; 4) Rely on “executive presence” to project confidence, not on having all the facts or answers.

9 ways to keep employees motivated during the dog days of summer


Human resource experts and business managers share their top tips for keeping office workers engaged during the summer months, when productivity is prone to dip…

…#7. Allow workers to have more flexible schedules and work remotely (not just on Fridays).


“Get to know your peers on the business side. Learn how to think and talk as they do. If possible, become one of them for a while. Understand how what you do fits into the organization’s overall business strategy. At the same time, know that you are the technology expert. Don’t be afraid to champion a great idea that may not initially make sense to them”—Brian Adams, Seven Habits of the Highly Successful CIO

“If you are not willing to invest the time and effort to articulate your goals in writing—then how much are you willing to invest in making those goals a reality? Writing them down makes them real and helps to crystallize our thoughts around them”—Becky Blalock, Begin Within—Write it Down

“Maybe the most crucial mistake I’ve seen people make in the first 100 days is not investing enough time in building relationships. It is always especially sad when incredibly smart and successful people who have so much to give and actually perform the fundamentals of their job extraordinary well are let go because they have not taken the time to do the softer things – getting to know people, collaborating with peers, networking internally and externally”—Peter High, A One-Time-Only Opportunity