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By Nicholas Ismail, Global Head of Brand Journalism, HCLTech


Tinku Gupta

The world is now in a technology-led economy.

In this environment, the role of CTO has become critical in every sector and in every organization.

"As a CTO, the first thing that is important in my role is to make sure that my team is constantly motivated to not only improve resilience of our technology footprint, but also work hand in gloves with our business leaders to enable new growth and innovation opportunities,” says Tinku Gupta, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), SGX Group.

Amongst many other skills that a CTO needs to acquire, the key one according to Gupta is “systems thinking”. “It's a skill that makes you develop actions in a very complex context. As much as technology brings digitalization modernization, it also creates lots of complexities,” she says.

What defines the success of a technology leader is how well they navigate this complexity and develop actions to create a seamless experience that champions innovation, stability and security across the business and partner ecosystem.

Gupta also adds that improving levels of diversity and inclusion is a key to delivering technology ambitions to drive business outcomes.

She says: “In a global context, there is a lack of technology talent. We need more women coming into the field, because they can help address this shortage. But, more importantly, they also bring creativity, perseverance, determination and new perspectives to technology.”