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Welcome to the Straight Talk community! We launched CIO Straight Talk magazine in 2010 and CTO Straight Talk magazine in 2014, in order to shine a spotlight on insights that technology executives have distilled from their professional experiences. Call it "practitioner thought leadership."The success of these print publications proved that there is a strong demand for hearing directly from the people developing and deploying technology within an organization to leverage information, launch new products, meet customer needs, and otherwise drive business results.

The magazines have served as a launching pad for a thought leadership program that includes a LinkedIn group, a webinar series, in-person events around the world, a Twitter feed, and a YouTube channel. Our passion for practitioner thought leadership was validated in 2013 when the Straight Talk program received an ITSMA Diamond Award recognizing it as the IT industry’s top thought leadership initiative.

Along the way, we have touched more than 10,000 technology executives worldwide. This website, established in April 2015, serves as the online home and focal point for the Straight Talk community and its affiliated programs. We will continue to bring to you unique and high-quality content "for technology executives, from technology executives."

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Our Team

Paul Hemp

(Editor-in-Chief, CIO/CTO Straight Talk and StraightTalkOnline)

Gil Press

(Contributing Editor)

Neha Anand

(Managing Editor)

Venumadhav Pandit

(Associate Editor & Community Manager)