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Gartner predicts that 85 percent of all customer service interactions will be powered by chatbots by 2020, with over 50% of companies spending more every year to develop this arena by 2021. Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, are constantly evolving to be matured foundational tools for business excellence. Customers today are relentless in their demand for superlative, seamless experiences which smart voice assistants (such as Alexa and Siri) and text-based chatbots (such as Facebook messenger) are beginning to provide. Customers seek immediacy with emphasis on swift solutions in real-time and having a bot as your trusted ally becomes increasingly important.

Let’s take a look at 6 fascinating chatbots deployed in the world:


    Bots Streamline Human Resources

    Chatbots are leveraged innovatively in recruitment which ensures efficiency in the hiring process, as they play a crucial role in screening, recruitment, and administrative stages, thus accelerating the process. This potential to serve as an ‘ideal assistant’ for the HR department helps grow the throughput of the HR pipeline and transform the recruitment cycle.


    Techpanion Chatbots

    Companion robot for seniors and patients helps them deal with social isolation and loneliness. Elderly people are most susceptible to varied ailments fueled by feelings of loneliness as they struggle to even have basic conversations. These bots engage the elderly at a social, mental and emotional level. These digital voice assistants have a vast potential of helping the seniors stay healthy. 


    Health Chatbots

    From timely diagnosis of medical conditions for patients and physicians to better help in medical emergencies, and overall medical management, health bots ease the burden on medical professionals by stepping in several situations. 

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