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Global spending on cybersecurity is estimated to cross $133.8 billion by 2022. Given the rising threat of cybercrime in the recent past, enterprises have little choice but to enact more aggressive security measures. Here are 6 of the best cybersecurity practices that every organization needs to follow to ensure robust cybersecurity across the enterprise.


    Deploy firewalls 

    Firewalls are not just a plug-n-play solution. In the face of smarter and more insidious cyber threats enterprises need more sophisticated firewalls. An ideal firewall strategy is to deploy a Defense in Depth (DiD) approach to security architecture which uses multiple, layered firewalls. This approach ensures that all valuable data and information is protected both internally and externally.  


    Backup your data on external drives 

    This may seem like an obvious point but it’s often overlooked. An organization’s strength lies in its data – everything from intellectual property to operational information. Organizations should maintain a regular back-up cycle for their data to an external, non-cloud destination. This ensures the organization is protected against ransomware or data corruption attacks. 


    Restrict third-party access to data  

    Monitor data access by third parties such as consultants, suppliers, and also customers who have been given temporary access to your company’s network. Restrict access and deactivate the same immediately the purpose of sharing access is served. This is where an identity and access management solution can help. 

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