5 Enterprise Uses of Augmented Reality Technology | Straight Talk



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In an era where smart experiences are critical at every touch point of the customer journey, no enterprise can forgo the potential of emerging technologies. Among these technologies, the global augmented reality market is rapidly becoming a key economic driver for the tech industry. Estimated to reach $117.4 Billion by 2022, augmented reality’s potential to offer customers an on-the-go seamless experience is significant.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 augmented reality uses in the enterprise arena: 


    1. Retail

    AR allows customers to virtually experience products in a digital environment in a unique way. This has motivated numerous retailers like IKEA and Zara to adopt AR tools to attract customers with a new customer experience. This ability to experience virtual customization prior to purchase is expected to not only reduce product returns but also increase customer satisfaction.


    2. Corporate Training

    Businesses thrive on well-trained employees. With AR technology, companies can train employees in a digital environment that simulates real world conditions of different job profiles. This allows companies to connect and train employees remotely, saving time, resources, and other costs. Integrating augmented reality technology makes education and training an immersive, multi-sensory experience, in fields as diverse as medicine to military.

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