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In a rapidly-digitalizing business environment, big data and analytics have emerged as vital cogs in the machinery of the global economy. It is, therefore, critical for 21st century enterprises to efficiently manage the data explosion and optimize it. However, the task is gargantuan and enterprises face quite a few challenges in storing, managing, utilizing, and analyzing this data deluge even as it is growing by almost 60% year-on-year. As a result, it is a crucial prerogative for organizations to address and resolve the various big data and analytics challenges.

Let us take a look at five of the more significant big data challenges faced by enterprises.


    1. Using Big Data Meaningfully

    The core idea behind the various innovations in the field of big data and analytics is deriving meaningful insights and making it available across an organization. However, so far, organizations are struggling to get the best out of unstructured data, leaving room for improvement. Furthermore, big data and its analysis is still limited to only a few people within organizations and not everyone has access to them in order to action them in their work.


    2. Too Many Big Data Technologies to Choose from

    Being spoilt for choice in an evolving tech landscape is ideally a good thing. But, with companies still coming to terms with the various big data innovations, a plethora of technologies to choose from seldom helps. A flawed choice can result in a long-term issue for an organization. Understanding the exact requirements of an enterprise and choosing the right technologies for them is key to seamless big data management.

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