21st Century CTO - From Product Centric to Customer Centric
Santa Clara, US

Great customer experience is both a necessity and an advantage as competition intensifies. Today's sensor-embedded, network connected intelligent objects are changing our world in numerous ways, from generating abundant customer data to ensuring that our experience is optimized and customized to preferred tastes and behaviours.

However, delivering a seamless intuitive user experience is still not easy. Technology remains a hurdle for most users and they end up using only a fraction of the features at their disposal. Research shows that 85% of consumer complaints related to new products are due to usability rather than technical issues. This makes it imperative that the entire thought process of product design, delivery and ongoing enhancements, needs to be centered on customer preferences and usage behaviors. Successful products will be the ones that simplify the usage of technology while building an emotional connect with users, by embedding proactivity and seamless user interfaces.

Straight Talk is hosting an event facilitating interactive discussions with leading industry luminaries to discuss the strategies and best practices for delivering products that meet the high expectations of today's consumer.