12 hours ago.
Chris Hjelm Is Kroger's Board-Level CIO
Peter High: Kroger Chief Information Officer Chris Hjelm has led IT at a number of leading companies such as FedEx, eBay, and Cervantes prior to joining the $108...

3 days ago.
CIOs Learn to Work With CDOs to Stay Relevant
Megha Dhawan: Usually hired by the CEO, the CDO comes with authority to incite change in corporate strategy through new technology—or at least try to stir things...

6 days ago.
Handling Bad Behaviors by Agile Product Owners
Isaac Sacolick: In my latest post I covered some bad behaviors I've seen by business managers and agile product owners that effectively undermine IT. What 2-3 have...

1 week ago.
Why CIOs need to become good networkers within and outside of their organizations.
Megha Dhawan: http://thecioleader.com/2015/02/26/the-social-cio/

1 week ago.
Is Microsoft going open source because of security?
private private: Is Microsoft ready to make the biggest ever change to Windows?

1 week ago.
Want To Start Your Day Over?
Jeri G.: What occurs every minute, of everyday somewhere, has cost millions, with very little ROI? I know you might have thought it was car accidents, but in...

1 week ago.
Cyber Security Becoming a Nightmare for Manufactureres
John M.: At least manufacturers are becoming more pro-active in getting security checks built in their products rather than wait for anti-virus software do...

1 week ago.
CIO Rob Carter Transforms FedEx Into A Cloud Centric Enterprise
Peter High: Rob Carter is on the short list of the finest CIOs in history anywhere. I have profiled his accomplishments in an interview published roughly one...

2 weeks ago.
Straight Talk Live Event in Boston on Wednesday, April 22: Managing the First 100 Days of a Change Program
Megha Dhawan: This "Straight Talk Live” event for senior Boston-area financial services and technology executives will feature Peter High, a best-selling author (...

2 weeks ago.
Career Moves of Senior Technology Executives, March 2015
Megha Dhawan: Here are a few of the key developments in the careers of senior technology executives in March 2015: The Seattle Police Department has appointed...

2 weeks ago.
Improving the value of industry analyst research
James M.: I have many friends who are industry analysts that provide coverage on topics of interest to large enterprises and have come to learn that clients of...

2 weeks ago.
NSA struggles to keep top talent
private private: The agency has leeway in bypassing the sluggish federal hiring process to onboard staff more quicker, but that’s not enough to stop some top-level...

2 weeks ago.
Jeri G.: For those of us that have been swimming in the lake called CMS and Meaningful Use, the waters of where we have been, verses where we are going get a...

3 weeks ago.
What Happens without Project Portfolio Management and Resourcing?
Catherine M.: There is a multitude of potential problems that await the company without proper project portfolio management processes in place. Initially lack of...

3 weeks ago.
How a bowl of pasta taught me to be a better communicator
Jeff D. S.: Hi All Here is an article I published on communication, have a read, let me know your thoughts. This applies to everyone, but for managers it is...

3 weeks ago.
Are third-party recruiters still necessary?
James M.: Many people believe that LinkedIn is both the cancer and cure to the recruiting profession. Others believe that LinkedIn will kill the need for...

3 weeks ago.
Hacking of disruption of TV5Monde Broadcasts
John M.: The hackers of Sony Entertainment Web broadcast are now replicated on French TV broadcasts. What next?

3 weeks ago.
Three ways CIOs and CMOs can partner for digital transformation
Catherine M.: We recently published a great post on how CIOs and CMOs are working together to drive real-world relevance in an “Application Economy." I thought...

3 weeks ago.
Journey to 2020
Jeri G.: If time travels could take us to the year 2020, what would healthcare look like? The knowledge of disease and ways to treat them are increasing at...

3 weeks ago.
San Francisco Giants’ CIO Pitches Innovation
Peter High: Bill Schlough has been the CIO of the San Francisco Giants since 1999. As an IT executive operating in the Bay area, it is no surprise that the...

16 hours ago.
The Internet of things doesn't -- and shouldn't -- exist
Abhishek Baxi: An article countering the hype around IoT... the author argues that it's a great vision, but despite all the hype in the last year, it does not --...

3 days ago.
Microsoft BUILDs its cloud Big Data story
Abhishek Baxi: Lots of data professionals who work in the Microsoft database and cloud ecosystems have been wondering out loud when Microsoft would offer a cloud...

4 days ago.
The internet of things and big data: Unlocking the power
Abhishek Baxi: The 'internet of things' and 'big data' are two of the most-talked-about technology topics in recent years, which is why they occupy places at or...

5 days ago.
The Future of Cloud Computing
Abhishek Baxi: Cloud Computing gained permanent status among technology pantheons in 2014. But like any technology, cloud computing will continue to transform. Here...

6 days ago.
The future of the Internet, and IoT
Abhishek Baxi: A fascinating essay published in the WSJ by Tony Fadell, the CEO of the consumer IoT company, Nest.

1 week ago.
Internet Of Things: The Rubber Meets The Road
Abhishek Baxi: We've moved beyond speculation about what IoT might look like to the place where the rubber meets the road: that is, to where IoT demonstrates real...

1 week ago.
Is using the Cloud for Big Data Analytics gaining traction in the Enterprise?
Abhishek Baxi: The idea that enterprises avoid the cloud is more debatable. Some IT teams have aggressive plans to reap the benefits of cloud, especially for new...

1 week ago.
Why Big Data And The Internet of Things Are A Perfect Match
Abhishek Baxi: There’s a closer relationship between big data and the IoT than most people realize – almost as if they were made for one another

1 week ago.
How do you define 'Internet of Things'?
Abhishek Baxi: Here are a few examples... "A proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and...

1 week ago.
Would we be better off if #startups went after big problems?
Abhishek Baxi: As much as I'm a fan of new-age mobile apps and revolutionary consumer services, I agree with this very interesting MIT essay. Exceptional talent and...

2 weeks ago.
Here's an interesting bit of trivia on why 'could computing' is called 'cloud computing'.
Abhishek Baxi: The earliest representation of 'cloud' was in a diagram from US Patent 5,485,455 - "Network having secure fast packet switching and guaranteed...

2 weeks ago.
The CISO, the CIO, the CEO, or you: Who is really responsible for cyber-security?
Abhishek Baxi: IT security is about more than just the hardware and software. In this ZDNet article, experts give their view on where the buck really stops.

2 months ago.
Using SDN for Rapid and Agile Connectivity
Ron B.: See how EQIX uses SDN for rapid and agile connectivity using the Equinix Programmable Network (EPN).

2 months ago.
CTO Straight Talk Is At The 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress
Vittal Devarajan: Barcelona is hosting the greatest mobile event in the world and we are there! The 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress will convene industry leaders,...

3 months ago.
CES 2015: What developments should CTOs look out for in 2015?
Vittal Devarajan: Hello, to all my fellow tech leaders. I was watching closely the happenings at CES 2015. This event every year showcases some of the most fascinating...

3 months ago.
Webcast, Feb 19, 10:00 EST. "Seamless Big Data Experience" with Heads of Big Data, World Economic Forum and HCL. Register Today.
Anirban Sanyal: William Hoffman, Head of Data Driven Development, World Economic Forum and Matteo Columbo, Head of Big Data, HCL Technologies discuss why most big...

5 months ago.
CTO Straight Talk Japan Event.
Vittal Devarajan: Hello fellow community members, I’d like to share some very exciting news with you. CTO Straight Talk is having a live event in Tokyo on the 7th of...

6 months ago.
Learning, Failing, and Leading in the Second Machine Age
Anirban Sanyal: Greetings! We have just released our sister publication for the CIO community - CIO Straight Talk. Very much like the CTO Straight Talk magazine...

7 months ago.
Gartner 2014 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies
Gil Press: Imagine this: As you leave for work in the morning, your house automatically turns down the heat and places an order for milk (connected home) and...

7 months ago.
What is the Impact of 3D Printing on Your Company and Industry?
Gil Press: 35% of all ads posted for engineering jobs in the last 30 days prioritize 3D printing and additive manufacturing as the most sought-after skill....

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