2 days ago.
CIOs Learn to Work With CDOs to Stay Relevant
Megha Dhawan: Usually hired by the CEO, the CDO comes with authority to incite change in corporate strategy through new technology—or at least try to stir things...

5 days ago.
Handling Bad Behaviors by Agile Product Owners
Isaac Sacolick: In my latest post I covered some bad behaviors I've seen by business managers and agile product owners that effectively undermine IT. What 2-3 have...

6 days ago.
Why CIOs need to become good networkers within and outside of their organizations.
Megha Dhawan: http://thecioleader.com/2015/02/26/the-social-cio/

1 week ago.
Is Microsoft going open source because of security?
private private: Is Microsoft ready to make the biggest ever change to Windows?

1 week ago.
Want To Start Your Day Over?
Jeri G.: What occurs every minute, of everyday somewhere, has cost millions, with very little ROI? I know you might have thought it was car accidents, but in...

1 week ago.
Cyber Security Becoming a Nightmare for Manufactureres
John M.: At least manufacturers are becoming more pro-active in getting security checks built in their products rather than wait for anti-virus software do...

1 week ago.
CIO Rob Carter Transforms FedEx Into A Cloud Centric Enterprise
Peter High: Rob Carter is on the short list of the finest CIOs in history anywhere. I have profiled his accomplishments in an interview published roughly one...

1 week ago.
Straight Talk Live Event in Boston on Wednesday, April 22: Managing the First 100 Days of a Change Program
Megha Dhawan: This "Straight Talk Live” event for senior Boston-area financial services and technology executives will feature Peter High, a best-selling author (...

2 weeks ago.
Career Moves of Senior Technology Executives, March 2015
Megha Dhawan: Here are a few of the key developments in the careers of senior technology executives in March 2015: The Seattle Police Department has appointed...

2 weeks ago.
Improving the value of industry analyst research
James M.: I have many friends who are industry analysts that provide coverage on topics of interest to large enterprises and have come to learn that clients of...

2 weeks ago.
NSA struggles to keep top talent
private private: The agency has leeway in bypassing the sluggish federal hiring process to onboard staff more quicker, but that’s not enough to stop some top-level...

2 weeks ago.
Jeri G.: For those of us that have been swimming in the lake called CMS and Meaningful Use, the waters of where we have been, verses where we are going get a...

2 weeks ago.
What Happens without Project Portfolio Management and Resourcing?
Catherine M.: There is a multitude of potential problems that await the company without proper project portfolio management processes in place. Initially lack of...

2 weeks ago.
How a bowl of pasta taught me to be a better communicator
Jeff D. S.: Hi All Here is an article I published on communication, have a read, let me know your thoughts. This applies to everyone, but for managers it is...

2 weeks ago.
Are third-party recruiters still necessary?
James M.: Many people believe that LinkedIn is both the cancer and cure to the recruiting profession. Others believe that LinkedIn will kill the need for...

2 weeks ago.
Hacking of disruption of TV5Monde Broadcasts
John M.: The hackers of Sony Entertainment Web broadcast are now replicated on French TV broadcasts. What next?

3 weeks ago.
Three ways CIOs and CMOs can partner for digital transformation
Catherine M.: We recently published a great post on how CIOs and CMOs are working together to drive real-world relevance in an “Application Economy." I thought...

3 weeks ago.
Journey to 2020
Jeri G.: If time travels could take us to the year 2020, what would healthcare look like? The knowledge of disease and ways to treat them are increasing at...

3 weeks ago.
San Francisco Giants’ CIO Pitches Innovation
Peter High: Bill Schlough has been the CIO of the San Francisco Giants since 1999. As an IT executive operating in the Bay area, it is no surprise that the...

3 weeks ago.
The World Bank Group's Board-Level CIO Transforms IT
Peter High: Stephanie von Friedeburg is the CIO and Vice President of Information Technology Solutions at the World Bank Group. In that capacity, she has...

2 days ago.
Microsoft BUILDs its cloud Big Data story
Abhishek Baxi: Lots of data professionals who work in the Microsoft database and cloud ecosystems have been wondering out loud when Microsoft would offer a cloud...

3 days ago.
The internet of things and big data: Unlocking the power
Abhishek Baxi: The 'internet of things' and 'big data' are two of the most-talked-about technology topics in recent years, which is why they occupy places at or...

4 days ago.
The Future of Cloud Computing
Abhishek Baxi: Cloud Computing gained permanent status among technology pantheons in 2014. But like any technology, cloud computing will continue to transform. Here...

4 days ago.
The future of the Internet, and IoT
Abhishek Baxi: A fascinating essay published in the WSJ by Tony Fadell, the CEO of the consumer IoT company, Nest.

6 days ago.
Internet Of Things: The Rubber Meets The Road
Abhishek Baxi: We've moved beyond speculation about what IoT might look like to the place where the rubber meets the road: that is, to where IoT demonstrates real...

1 week ago.
Is using the Cloud for Big Data Analytics gaining traction in the Enterprise?
Abhishek Baxi: The idea that enterprises avoid the cloud is more debatable. Some IT teams have aggressive plans to reap the benefits of cloud, especially for new...

1 week ago.
Why Big Data And The Internet of Things Are A Perfect Match
Abhishek Baxi: There’s a closer relationship between big data and the IoT than most people realize – almost as if they were made for one another

1 week ago.
How do you define 'Internet of Things'?
Abhishek Baxi: Here are a few examples... "A proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and...

1 week ago.
Would we be better off if #startups went after big problems?
Abhishek Baxi: As much as I'm a fan of new-age mobile apps and revolutionary consumer services, I agree with this very interesting MIT essay. Exceptional talent and...

2 weeks ago.
Here's an interesting bit of trivia on why 'could computing' is called 'cloud computing'.
Abhishek Baxi: The earliest representation of 'cloud' was in a diagram from US Patent 5,485,455 - "Network having secure fast packet switching and guaranteed...

2 weeks ago.
The CISO, the CIO, the CEO, or you: Who is really responsible for cyber-security?
Abhishek Baxi: IT security is about more than just the hardware and software. In this ZDNet article, experts give their view on where the buck really stops.

2 months ago.
Using SDN for Rapid and Agile Connectivity
Ron B.: See how EQIX uses SDN for rapid and agile connectivity using the Equinix Programmable Network (EPN).

2 months ago.
CTO Straight Talk Is At The 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress
Vittal Devarajan: Barcelona is hosting the greatest mobile event in the world and we are there! The 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress will convene industry leaders,...

3 months ago.
CES 2015: What developments should CTOs look out for in 2015?
Vittal Devarajan: Hello, to all my fellow tech leaders. I was watching closely the happenings at CES 2015. This event every year showcases some of the most fascinating...

3 months ago.
Webcast, Feb 19, 10:00 EST. "Seamless Big Data Experience" with Heads of Big Data, World Economic Forum and HCL. Register Today.
Anirban Sanyal: William Hoffman, Head of Data Driven Development, World Economic Forum and Matteo Columbo, Head of Big Data, HCL Technologies discuss why most big...

5 months ago.
CTO Straight Talk Japan Event.
Vittal Devarajan: Hello fellow community members, I’d like to share some very exciting news with you. CTO Straight Talk is having a live event in Tokyo on the 7th of...

6 months ago.
Learning, Failing, and Leading in the Second Machine Age
Anirban Sanyal: Greetings! We have just released our sister publication for the CIO community - CIO Straight Talk. Very much like the CTO Straight Talk magazine...

7 months ago.
Gartner 2014 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies
Gil Press: Imagine this: As you leave for work in the morning, your house automatically turns down the heat and places an order for milk (connected home) and...

7 months ago.
What is the Impact of 3D Printing on Your Company and Industry?
Gil Press: 35% of all ads posted for engineering jobs in the last 30 days prioritize 3D printing and additive manufacturing as the most sought-after skill....

7 months ago.
A Missing Phone and the IoT
Paul Hemp: My smart phone appears to have been stolen last week. (I'd blame myself and say I misplaced it, but it was on the hotel restaurant table when I got...

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